20 Percent Of Americans Still Think Apple Should Build A Car


Because that went so well the last time Apple tried it...

Apple's automotive dreams died late last year when Project Titan-the internal code name for its car-was quietly killed off. To us the ambitious undertaking failed because the tech company treated the production of a car like the production of an iPhone. Contrary to popular belief by some in Silicon Valley the two are very different. Despite Apple's failure Investor's Business Daily is reporting that a survey conducted by financial services firm Baird shows that the majority of Americans still want the company to try its hand at building a car.

Baird conducted an online poll with respondents asked what product they would like to see Apple develop over the next five years. A whopping 21.6% of the 3,000 respondents said they want to see the company make its own car. The second highest choice was a streaming video service rival to Netflix (19.5%) followed by a virtual reality headset (16.1%). While people clearly believe in Apple's ability to build a car we doubt this survey will cause CEO Tim Cook to think about restarting Project Titan. The company is much better off developing software for self-driving cars. Apple software is already in many cars in the form of CarPlay. If the people behind the iPhone want to get into the auto industry they will have to buy a company outright.

This would save both time and cash as new manufacturing facilities wouldn't have to be built and existing parts suppliers could be kept. It would also allow for the acquisition of a wealth of automotive know-how in one fell swoop. McLaren was the rumored target of Apple last year, a move which didn't make much sense to as the English company builds supercars that are fun to drive, not self-driving electric transportation pods. It's unlikely Apple will try to build a car again in the near future, but if it does the company will have the full support of the American people. Whether those same people will line up around the block to buy the first iCar is another story.

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