20-Year-Old Arrested Trying To Live Out GTA

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Judging by the outcome of this incident, he probably isn't even any good at the game.

We understand the appeal of the Grand Theft Auto video games. They provide a great outlet for our more antisocial and nihilistic tendencies, as well as letting us play as though we generally just don't give a shit. But Zachary Burgess, a 20-year-old Alabama native, needed a bit more. He was arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for theft of a motor vehicle, kidnapping and nine counts of hit-and-run, after stealing a parked but running car.

The car still had a passenger in it, who did not manage to escape, hence the kidnapping charges. But Burgess didn't get very far, never actually making it out of the parking lot. Instead, he rammed nine parked cars before being arrested, at which point he admitted he wanted to see what it was like to live out Grand Theft Auto. No word on whether drugs or alcohol were involved, but feel free to assume. So while we don't know if Mr. Burgess got his curiosity filled, we are pretty confident that at least he got to experience the part of the game where you get arrested as well as one that's not in the game yet: being thrown in a jail cell.

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