20 Years Later: The Cars of "Pulp Fiction"

One of the all time great movies.

Yes, it may sound hard to believe but "Pulp Fiction" will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Following its debut back in 1994, the crime film became an immediate cult classic. Rave reviews lead to several Oscar nominations and the Tarantino flick picked up the prestigious Palme d’Or at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival. Heck, John Travolta saved his career with his performance and the rest of the casting, from Samuel L. Jackson to Uma Thurman was perfect.

There was a spectacular soundtrack and, of course, some great cars. So we’ve gathered up a photo gallery showcasing the rides of Butch (1980 Honda Civic), Vincent Vega (1964 Chevy Malibu), the Wolf (Acura NSX), and others. And for the record, we'll be excessively quoting this movie for the rest of day at the CarBuzz office. Feel free to do the same in the comments. Great lines like these never get old. - Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead. - Mmm-mmmm. That is a tasty burger. -Would you give a guy a foot massage? - Just because you are a character doesn't mean you have character.

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