$200 '73 Plymouth Fury Heads to LeMons

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Yes, it really is as terrible as it looks.

The 24 Hours of LeMons isn't quite like the similarly sounding French endurance race. No, this is a very different type of endurance race, one in which all cars entered must cost less than $500. And there you get the name: lemons. The very first 24 Hours of LeMons took place in 2006 and has grown in popularity since. And as you can imagine, there are some really crappy cars there. So the guys over at Hot Rod magazine felt it necessary to partake in this year's event by entering a 1973 Plymouth Fury that cost them $200, which is probably at least $100 too much.

After many last minute modifications to make sure the car even works, it's time to hit the track – complete with a metal donkey welded to the roof. Will the guys even survive in a car that's in really terrible shape? Did their efforts to get the old car up and running make it all worth it? Check out the video for the whole story.

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