2,000-HP Audi R8 Smashes 7-Second Quarter-Mile

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And there's more to come from Underground Racing's latest creation.

If you keep an eye on the world of supercar racing, you'll likely know that the Lamborghini Huracan and Audi R8 are huge favorites of companies like Sheepey Race. The 5.2-liter V10 engines in these cars are capable of huge horsepower with the right modifications, but for all the effort that Sheepey and others have put into the platform, there's still only one king: Underground Racing. The people there have previously modified the gorgeous Gallardo, but with the Huracan, things have been taken to a new level with record after record. Now, a customer's Audi R8 has broken a record with an insane seven-second quarter-mile run.

Underground Racing

As the above video shows, the R8 runs down the strip in just 7.6 seconds and crosses the line at 196 mph. It is fitted with UR's X Version upgrade, which is comprised of custom Precision Turbo hairdryers, a Proline Racing long block, a billet CNC intake manifold, a billet differential, and a billet 1st-6th air-shifted sequential transmission. Other upgrades are part of making this thing work, but the main thing you need to know is that this R8 now develops well over 2,000 horsepower. As insanely impressive as that is, what's even more impressive about this car is that it's street legal.

Underground Racing
Underground Racing

Besides those massive slick tires and the obvious performance upgrades beneath the skin, the record-breaking R8 is a full car, with no weight reduction in terms of sound system, trim panels, seats, or anything else. It's a full-weight car and tips the scales at 3,815 pounds before you factor in the driver. According to UR's Instagram post a few days ago, this incredible run was done on drag radial tires. As impressive as that wheelie is to watch, it's no surprise that the quickest run saw all four wheels remain on the ground. Considering that there's clearly even more room for quicker times with some weight reduction, we wouldn't be surprised if a six-second R8 surfaced sometime soon.

Underground Racing
Underground Racing

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