2000hp SF22 Is A Go

The Lamborghini Indomable was a concept that came out of a Lamborghini design program. In the end, Lamborghini decided to pass on the project, but it has been picked up by Pennsylvania-based 215 Racing subsidiary Mostro Di-Potenza, who will be calling it the SF22. The engine they have planned for the SF22 is the interesting part. It is a 9.4-liter (not a typo) V8, which will reportedly produce 2000 horsepower (also not a typo) and 2000lb-ft of torque (seriously, I checked).

They plan to build 50 of these beasts at $950,000 each, with the first one being completed in mid-2012. That kind of power would most likely be pretty much unusable, but we're skeptical that it will ever exist anyway. We've heard claims about 2000hp hypercars before, and we can't help but notice that they never seem to actually get built. So we'll believe this one when we see it as well.

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