2004 Maybach Covers One Million Miles and Then Some

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Odometer stopped at 999,999 miles in 2009, but this German limo just keeps rolling.

Liechtenstein businessman Josef Weikinger bought his Maybach 62 back in April 2004 – when it was one of the finest cars on the market and gave Rolls Royce a run for its money. The now-defunct model, which is to be replaced by high-end variants of the Mercedes-Benz S Class, was purchased by Weikinger and used extensively until August 2013. So extensively, in fact, that the car's logbooks detail many hard driving days with a total mileage of over 2,500km on some.

Weikinger drove the car (yes - he mostly drove himself) so much and so far, that he eventually ran out the odometer's 999,999 miles back in September of 2009. The Maybach's original twin-turbo V-12 engine, however, didn't make it that far: it was replaced at (a still impressive) 600,000 miles, followed by a new transmission and front shocks two months later. Weikinger traded in (and down, perhaps?) his 62 for a BMW 760Li in August 2013, but the Maybach is still being driven by its current owner.

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Source Credits: auto-motor-und-sport.de

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