2011 Geneva Motor Show

2009 Brilliance BS2 by ItalDesign

It was at the 79th International Motor Show in Geneva when ItalDesign Giugiaro unveiled the Brilliance BS2. This was a big deal for the Chinese automaker to have the ItalDesign Giuagiaro Style Cneter follow up the design of the interior and external styling of the new BS2 two-box. This car was built entirely in China, and its exterior reflects a sporty design with its muscular sides and classically inspired grille.

Inside, the interior is spacious and has upgraded upholstery for maximum driving comfort. Overall, this five-door guarantees ease of access, and reaffirms the BS2 as a family-size car that doesn't go short on excellent driving. Interestingly, ItalDesign Giugiaro showed the importance of China for its business when it confirmed the opening of a branch based in Shanghai in 2001.

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