2011 Audi A6 - One of the Finest Luxury Cars

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The Audi A6 has been called one of the German automaker's finest luxury cars and provides customary comfort and safety features, and is very competitve in the fiersome class of mid-size luxury cars. The current model of the A6 has gone relatively unchanged since the 2009 model year. The font of the vehicle has received a few alternations, most notably the front has been slightly altered and a noticeable restyled tail end is also there.

The vehicle features a customarily high-performing Audi engine, which tops out at 265 horsepower. It is a 3.2 direct injection FSI built for power and efficiency. From the outside, the A6 looks like a sparkling luxury vehicle that yells comfort and beauty from all angles. The C-pillar styling provides maximum visibility for the driver and the dual exhaust rear is short and compact. The most prominent features for the interior is the multimedia digital interface that allows drivers to control almost everything inside with the touch of a button.

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