2011 Audi TT Roadster Gets an Update

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The TT is getting a bit of a nip/tuck for 2011, receiving a refreshed exterior and interior along with a new 2.0-liter TFSI four-cylinder engine whose 211 hp is designed for superior fuel economy. The new engine is the same one that has been appearing in engine bays throughout the German automaker's lineup. Audi claims that the Roadster will reach 62 mph in 5.6 seconds. Clearly, Audi exercised restraint during this makeover.

The 2011 receives bigger air inlets up front, a shinier gloss black grille finish, and Audi's fast becoming compulsory LED daytime running lamps. In the rear there are new flack black rear diffusers, modestly retouched tail lamps, and new exhaust outlet. For color enthusiasts, there are new paint colors available too. The interior has received the hand of refinement as well, with leather and new aluminum bits of trim.

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