2011 BMW M6 Convertible - High Performance

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For 2011, the 6-Series is expected to see some changes in its design. Although the 2011 M6 Convertible is based on the 6-Series, it doesn't look like the design changes carry over to the M6. The Convertible is built to be a performance vehicle. It has quick acceleration and strong brakes. The seven-speed automated SMG transmission is a little jerky, but a six-speed manual option is also available.

The M6 Convertible's exterior remains unchanged, although there may be some changes to the options packages. The styling is like a luxurious large coupe, but inside is an outstanding performer. The 2011 model will come with adaptive xenon headlights, but the Convertible will lack the Coupe's carbon-fiber roof. The interior won't see changes, except for the options which will. Interior features all the usual BMW trimmings, leaving few vehicles that can compare to the M6.

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