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2011 Chevrolet Aveo5 Review

The 2011 Chevrolet Aveo5 has returned for the 2011 model year and is still available in LS and LT trims. Despite being badged a 2011, the Aveo5 is showing up looking identical to the 2010 version. The Aveo5 is still powered by the same 1.6-liter inline four that has now received a modest power and economy increase. Those increases place the power output at 108 hp, and economy at 27/35 miles per gallon for the five-speed and 25/24 mpg for the four-speed automatic.

There are still some changes to be seen in the Aveo5 in 2011 regardless, limited though they may be. The Cosmic Silver exterior color has been supplanted by Silver Ice Metallic, and the LT trim now gains cabin air filtration. A welcomed addition is an upgraded introductory OnStar package. Fully decked or stripped bare, the Aveo5 can best be described as "competent." There are no major flaws, but nothing to make it stand out, either.

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