2011 Dodge Challenger Revealed

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The details are finally out after the long wait, and we've got pictures to show off as well. The subtly refreshed 2011 Dodge Challenger coupe may not have changes that'll knock you off your feet, but this muscle car did gain a new Pentastar V6 for the base model and a 6.4-liter V8 for the SRT8. The SRT8 also gets a revised suspension, but other than that there are some barely noticeable styling changes.

Cosmetically, there's a restyled trapezoidal front air dam with a larger opening, while the Dodge logo has disappeared from the hood. Now standard on all models is the larger "duck bill" front spoiler in black, the racing-style fuel-filler door, and 18-inch alloy wheels. The interior has always been criticized for its blandness. Unfortunately, this remains so even with the 2011 model year. Chrysler's cost cutting limited changes, but there has been a minor update to the instrument panel gauges and redesigned seat structures.

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Still, nothing big or mind-blowing. We hope that next time Chrysler will be in better financial standing to offer more with the Challenger. The 2011 Challenger will be entering showrooms in the next few weeks.


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