2011 Ford Mustang – Design World Edition

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Design World has hooked up the 2011 Ford Mustang with a bit of extra juice and a colorful makeover.

Design World has just released their take on the 2011 Ford Mustang. The tuners from Sundern, Germany have fixed up the American classic with a new paintjob and a slight tweak of its engine. The stock Mustang 5.0-liter V8 engine remains, however thanks to a clever optimization of the software and an open air filter with an air box, the Ponycar can put out 435hp. This is a 23hp jump from its original 412hp output.

The car was a collaboration with CFC (CarFilmComponents). They wrapped the 2011 Mustang with a two-tone Halloween-esque black and orange film. It sits on a set of black 20-inch wheels with an orange outer lip. The channel bar, radiator, bumper and diffuser are upgraded with a foil finish in the same orange and black color pattern as the exterior. The aftermarket program, dubbed the "CFC-Sundern Mustang Project," costs a whopping €12,150 ($17,320).

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