2011 Ford Ranger - No Extended Cab

Ford has initially put its new Ranger on hold indefinitely because of soaring gas prices. Fuel economy became a big concern in the development of the 2011 Ranger, and critics had speculated that the only way that the Ranger would see success is if it is drastically scaled-down from its predecessors. In addition, it would need to offer a better fuel economy and better price point than its predecessors as well.

The 2011 Ranger sports a smaller cab offering no standards extended cab like the F150. The vehicle is manufactured with thinner, high strength steel for its frame. The hood and tailgate are made of aluminum. There are also advantages to the 2011 Ranger since Ford revised the vehicle to adhere to the government's mandated rise in light truck fuel economy from 20.5 mpg to 28.6 mpg by the year 2015. The Ranger is Ford's first mid-size truck which translates into a lighter truck with better fuel economy.

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