2011 German Grand Prix

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A stunning upset at the Nurburgring, as Sebastian Vettel's lead shrinks in his home country.

It was assumed by many that Red Bull driver and defending World Champion Sebastian Vettel would be a shoe-in for the win on his home turf this past weekend at the Nurburgring, but it was not to be so. Vettel's Red Bull teammate Mark Webber qualified first, followed by McLaren's Lewis Hamilton, with Vettel in third. The race ended in a win for Lewis Hamilton, making him the only driver other than Vettel to win more than one race this season.

Hamilton was able to take Webber in the first turn, and although Webber would give Hamilton a good fight through most of the race, occasionally leading, Hamilton exhibited some truly fantastic driving and stayed out in front for the majority of the 60 laps. Ferrari's drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa kept Vettel busy, and in the end, Alonso took second, Webber third, Vettel fourth, and Massa fifth. Sebastian Vettel's first race this season which has ended without him on the podium has shrunk the lead he still has in points, although any driver who expects to unseat Vettel will need an almost flawless second half of the season.

Webber, Hamilton and Alonso are now all within 9 points of each other, and it is likely that they will pose bigger threats to one another than to Vettel, although the championship could still go to any of them. High stakes, therefore, for next week's race in Hungary. Photos courtesy of Sutton Images.

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