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2011 Honda Small Sports EV Concept to Feature at Tokyo Motor Show

Honda announces one of many EV concepts it is planning to unveil at Tokyo.

Honda is bringing seven concepts to Tokyo at the end of the month, and its new Small Sports EV Concept will be showcased as a potential rival to the BMW i8. Apart from knowing that it will be a full EV, little else has been said with these initial design sketches the only clue we have about its styling. Reminiscent of the CR-Z Hybrid, the sides are heavily edged with a bold graphic that runs around the front of the car, which aims to maximize eco-friendly fun driving.

Combined with its compact size and overall proportions there's a strong chance the Japanese automaker view this as a modern day CRX. Honda's cars are 'hinting at the design direction of future models,' a selection of which we'll be able to dissect and digest once the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show gets into full swing.

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