2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Wet conditions in Hungary were good news for McLaren, as they had the edge they needed for another win.

The boys from McLaren had vowed to be in top form for this week's Hungarian Grand Prix, and in living up to those words, took home the second McLaren win in a row. It was raining in Budapest for the outset of the race, conditions in which the McLarens excel. This was exemplified by Lewis Hamilton's passing of Red Bull driver and current World Champion Sebastian Vettel in lap 5, where Hamilton's car was able to better handle the wet conditions.

The track had dried off by lap 14, but the McLaren drivers were already well out front. Hamilton was trading first place with his teammate, Jenson Button, but a spin out and then a drive through penalty knocked his down a few places and it was ultimately Button who took the win. Hamilton took fourth and Vettel second. Vettel's teammate, Mark Webber, took fifth place and Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso took third. It is expected that Vettel will once again win the championship this year, despite not placing first in either of the last two races. This is because no other single driver seems able to close the points gap. Photos courtesy of Sutton Images.

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