2011 Infiniti M Review

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It has been difficult for most reviewers to refrain from automatically comparing the 2011 Infiniti M to the BMW 5-Series. The 2011 M does, however, deserve to be mentioned according to its own merit. The new 2011 model of the M is the same size and weight as it was before and still uses the throttleless valve-lift systems to help boost engine efficiency. The M's V6 engine has grown to 3.7-liters in the base, and can produce 330 horsepower. The added power makes it a powerful choice.

The 2011 M has also undergone a name change this year. The M45 has been renamed the M56, and it features an all new direct injected 5.6-liter brute of a v8 that belts out 420 horsepower. An additional two gears in the transmission now assist both acceleration and fuel economy. Inside, the M's generous trunk and cabin are the same size as in the last year's model, but the cabin is more elegant than ever before. The interior of the M features supportive and comfortable seats, and the rear seats are particularly plush.

It's also quieter inside with only the sound of the wind rushing on by. The brakes are great and the M has handling that's only worthy of praise. The 2011 Infiniti M remains among the leaders in active safety technologies, with the industry's first blind spot intervention system added to its repertoire of driver aids. The BSI system will actually prevent you from driving into a vehicle that is in your blind spot by altering you with lights, then beeping before finally applying the brakes on the opposite side of the car to help return your vehicle to its land.

Fortunately, the M features a single button on the steering wheel that deactivates all of these electronic nannies.


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