2011 Lexus RX 450h Hybrid - Review

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The 2011 Lexus RX 450h Hybrid's combination of ride height, safety and versatility of a SUV with the handling and fuel efficiency of a car is an appealing. The fully optioned RX Hybrid has a functional luxury that's hard to match, especially with the Remote Touch controller, and the auto dimming headlamps and adaptive cruise control. All these add up to provide a level of convenience that's almost extravagant. Of course there is also the feeling of security that the RX 450h Hybrid brings.

The 2011 450h has an on demand AWD system that is excellent at determining when to kick in, no matter how dicey the road get with snow and ice. The exterior design of the 2011 RX 450h Hybrid is a year old. The sharp, spaceship point of the front end is where much of the visual interest is. The design of the LED headlamps with the Lexus hybrid standard three ring bulb patter is just beautiful. Around the rear, there have been some less than thrilled reviews over the clear rear lights, which have a distinct lack of character.

Inside, the angular edges and sliping design are startling for a Lexus, but it quickly feels modern and stylish, and most importantly, the entire setup feels well thought out. Everything is in the right place. There is an abundance of high quality materials used in the interior that are nice to the touch, and are up to the standards set throughout the Lexus lineup. The seating is extremely accommodating, but the biggest problem with interior comfort comes from the 19 inch wheels that are noisy. Besides the noise, the RX 450h provides a generally comfortable and smooth riding experience.

The 2011 RX 450h is full of technology that includes an iPod integration and iPhone Bluetooth Audio, USB drive to store music, a Mark Levinson sound system, and Voice Control.

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