2011 Mazda2 - A Microcar

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In the past few years, if you were looking for a subcompact car, your options were limited. For 2011, the Mazda2 is coming and its subcompact style is welcomed. The Mazda2 has seating for five, and comes in two trims: Sport and Touring. On the road, the car is a fun drive simply because that's something most Mazdas are. A downside is the fuel economy with its small dip in numbers. With the Mazda2, most say that Mazda has effectively translated their sporty, smiley design into a smaller package.

A few reviews say the Mazda 2 can take on small-car beauty queens like the Mini Cooper. Inside, there are seats for five, and there is a clean layout. Cargo space is tight, but that's common for a small city car. The front seats have a decent amount of space, but the rear seats are a little cramped. We're sure that this compact vehicle is going to continue to be a hit with those looking for an affordable compact car.

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