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2011 Mini Cooper S Convertible - Roadster

Designed to be small and economical when it was introduced in 1959, the Mini Cooper S Convertible maximized passenger and luggage space in a package just 10 feet long. While the 2011 Cooper S Convertible was undersized and rather slow, a light chassis with 10-inch wheels pushed to the corners of the vehicle did offer one benefit- fun, go-kart-like handling. The Cooper S Convertible still remains a favorite.

The car is still equipped with the same 175 horsepower, turbocharged 1.6-liter engine from the old Cooper S model, and it's designed for performance and driving pleasure. The 2011 Convertible is differentiated by its uncharacteristic swept windshield, A-pillars, low roofline, and aggressive stance. The new Roadster features a small cloth convertible roof, ending dramatically in front of the rear trunk. Absent are the two rear seats, allowing for a larger trunk and for the safety roll bar.

The Roadsters is also fitted with a unique system of instruments designed to reinforce its "fun to drive" quotient. This really is one fun car to drive.

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Mini Cooper Convertible Convertible
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