2011 Nissan Pivo 3 Concept Readied for Tokyo Motor Show


Nissan’s eighth electric car concept gives insight into the Japanese automaker’s vision of future urban driving.

Following the original Pivo from 2005 and the Pivo 2 concept from 2007, Nissan has developed the Pivo 3, the third generation of its Pivo electric car concept line, which will debut at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show at the end of the month. Nissan's dedication to zero emission driving is clear, and their latest creation that's less than ten feet in length and whose driver's seat is mounted centrally and flanked by two passenger seats is seen as a 'realistic' preview of a future electric car.

A pair of in-wheel motors affords the Pivo 3 extremely small turning circles, enabling it to complete a 4-meter U-turn, something that is beautifully demonstrated in the video below.

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Nissan's camera-based Around View Monitors replace the mirrors and is also fitted with Automated Valet Parking. A new automated parking system, it works wirelessly with parking spaces installed with special infrastructure in finding a space, parking the car, and then remembering where its parked. It also starts charging automatically once it comes to a complete stop. Other concepts as well as the 2013 GT-R are to feature at the motor show that kicks off on November 30th.