2011 RAC Future Car Challenge Struck by the Lightning GT

The Lightning GT will compete in this year's RAC Future Car Challenge in England.

The RAC Future Car Challenge demands the least amount of energy used by its participants whilst requiring them to finish the entire course. This year will see the Lighting GT electric supercar join the field amongst 80 challengers looking for the frugal crown. The Lighting GT packs a powerful 300kW (around 400hp) electric motor and puts out a typically huge torque of 1,794lb-ft. Now, the rear-wheel-drive emissions-free racecar isn't judged by its power but by its ability to conserve energy.

It can hit a top speed of 125mph, however to win the RAC Challenge it probably won't travel nearly that fast. The RAC Future Car Challenge runs annually in England. The course runs 60 miles from Madeira Drive in Brighton all the way to London's posh Regent Street. The race will take place this year on November 5th and the EV participants are required to run within the time frame of a minimum 2hrs 45mins to the maximum 3hrs 30mins. The winner will be the car with the least amount of energy exerted.

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