Radical Sports Cars

2011 Radical SR3 RS Limited

The boutique British automobile manufacturer, Radical Sports Cars, is set to celebrate the SR3's 10-year anniversary the only way they know how. Of course, we're talking about the release of a special edition SR3 RS Limited to commemorate the 10-year milestone. Since this will be a "limited edition" model production, there will only be 25 units of this special edition produced, each carrying a price tag of £49,850, or approximately $81,000.

The SR3 RS Limited is a racetrack oriented vehicle that's available in three bright color options, such as Spice Yellow, Tangerine, and Rosso Red. All colors are combined with a unique matte vinyl graphics pack too. The power for the SR3 RS Limited is drawn from a 1340cc RPE-Suzuki engine that can produce 210-horsepower. The power is then routed through a six-speed sequential gearbox and gear drive system, providing an optimal race car driving experience.

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