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2011 Toyota Matrix - Still Reliable

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The 2011 Toyota Matrix is the best car for you if you still believe in Toyota reliability and want a roomy yet economical little wagon. The 2011 Matrix gets a minor styling facelift for the 2011 model year along with a new engine. The Matrix remains basically a wagon version of the Toyota Corolla compact, but with the benefit of available AWD. For 2011, the Matrix has a brake override system which is designed to cut engine power if the accelerator and brake pedals are applied simultaneously.

The 2011 Matrix also has some changes under the hood. The entry level 2011 Matrix be called the Matrix Standard and carries on it a 132 horsepower 1.8-liter engine, while the Matrix S and sporty XRS models are apt to exchange a 158 horsepower 2.4-liter for a 169 horsepower 2.5-liter engine that's already being used on the midsize Toyota Camry. All these models also continue with a five speed manual transmission as standard, and also come with front wheel drive, which places the weight of the engine over the driven wheels to the benefit of traction in wet conditions.

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The exterior to the 2011 Toyota Matrix receive slight modifications during its mid-cycle re-freshening. There have been slight modifications to the grille and front fascia, minor changes to the tail lamps, and new wheel designs. The Matrix's new shape translates to greater head room and lots of cargo space, though rear seat kneed clearance is modest. The Matrix's cabin feature an up-to-date list of features such as Bluetooth phone linking, a sound system, leather wrapped steering wheel, antiskid control, power mirrors, and adjustable driver's seat.

Utility is already a high point with the Matrix as well. It has a 70/30 split rear seatback that folds to form a flat load surface.