2011 Volvo V70 Dropped From US Lineup

The news has been confirmed that the V70 wagon is being discontinued in the United States due to poor sales the previous year. Volvo has stated that the V70 model has managed to sell 1,800 last year, sparking Volvo to rethink the future of the V70 in the US. While the XC70, XC60, and XC90s account for 42 percent of total sales, the V70 numbered at 2 percent.

Volvo's North America spokesman did confirm that the V70 wagon will continue to be sold in other Volvo markets such as Europe. In return for discontinuing the V70 wagon from the US markets, Volvo has announces that it will bring out an XC70 front-wheel-drive model. The wagon's demise in the US is perhaps a tale-tale sign that Americans really don't like the wagon.

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