2012-13 Nissan GT-R Track Package Released

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The 'Track Pack' arrives for the 2012-13 Nissan GT-R.

Nissan has just released their 'Track Pack' for the 2012 (2013 US MY) Nissan GT-R. The new package was designed specifically for improved performance on the racetrack and features quite a bit of racing-spec accoutrements. Godzilla now features a 'harder edge,' according to the Japanese automaker. The engine hasn't been upgraded, however it does carry plenty of track-specific features.

These include lightweight six-spoke RAYS alloy wheels finished in a gloss black paint, cooling ducts built into the front bumper providing extra air to the brakes and extra ducts behind the rear wheels which supply air to the rear brake discs. The suspension has been optimized for the racetrack, however it does feature a 'comfort setting' for the adaptive dampers so as to run smoothly on the road. It was important for Nissan to keep this version of the GT-R street-legal. On the interior you can find some attractive Recaro racing seats wrapped in a special, grippy material.

The rear seats have been chopped to save weight. Nissan's Track Pack for the GT-R adds £10,000 to the £74,450 list price of the standard 2012 GT-R for a total cost of £84,450. Deliveries will be in March 2012.

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