2012 BMW X1 Faces Delay for U.S.

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For those who have been waiting mercilessly for the U.S. launch of the 2012 BMW X1 crossover, the news out is that you'll have to wait longer. High demand for the smallest X model has forced BMW to delay its North American debut until later this fall. The X1 has enjoyed relative success in sales across Europe since its launch in 2009. The continued success of the 2012 model year has resulted in a supply contrain, which is why U.S. sales have been delayed.

The next review to determine X1 availability for the U.S. will be carried out in April. If the carmaker gives it a go-ahead, then we can expect to see it no earlier than September 2011. BMW hasn't been too worried about this though mainly because it just released its all-new 2011 X3 crossover. Still no word on U.S. pricing, but the X1 starts at $36,000 in Germany.

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