2012 F-150 Supercrew Gets a Superboost

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Ford's new F-150 Supercrew earns its name in a big way with huge payload capacity.

According to recent reports, Ford has added to their lead for highest towing and payload capacities. The best-in-class F-150 pickup in the half ton segment will get much stronger with the Supercrew models.The 2012 Supercrew boasts an EcoBoost engine and a 6.5ft bed. The big truck has an impressive 2,590lbs payload capacity, up from last year's model of 2,000lbs. The huge jump could be attributed to the heavy-duty package brought over to the Supercrew from the Regular cab and Supercab styles.

An 8ft bed with thick frame rails, huge shock absorbers, 4.10 axle ratio and engine and oil-to-air auxiliary transmission cooling could all be making the cut for additions to the new Supercrew. The Supercrew heavy-duty package does run seven-lug nut wheels, which can be seen as a negative. There are few aftermarket replacements available as most automakers prefer the six-lug. Also, the big truck is expected to run very heavy which is sure to negatively affect fuel economy, let alone acceleration and deceleration.

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Reports out of Ford also mention the 5.5ft bed model on the Supercab, which also contains payload boosts for both the 4x2 and 4x4 versions. The 6.5ft bed model also gets a 10lbs payload boost. Photos displayed are of the 2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost Desert Endurance Race.