2012 Falcon Motor Sports F7 Series 1 Makes Production Debut in Detroit


The Falcon F7 has been introduced to the Detroit public, satiating what must be a ravenous supercar appetite.

The Detroit Auto Show has been decidedly light on supercars with no trace of a Ferrari (except for the 458 next to it) or hint of a Lamborghini, so the Falcon Motorsports F7 is a welcome addition. Designed and built in Michigan by tuning firm Falcon, famed for their Dodge Viper aftermarket styling kits, the F7 has been inspired by 1980s supercars yet every exterior and inner structural panel is formed from lightweight carbon-fiber, thus combining classic styling with modern technology.

A unique race-derived lightweight chassis features a fully adjustable and independent suspension, and houses a hand-assembled 7-liter naturally-aspirated all-aluminum V8 modified from the Chevy LS7, producing 620hp and 612lb-ft of torque. With a curb weight of less than 1.5 tons that's a serious power-to-weight ratio. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a Ricardo 6-speed manual transmission with projected performance (official track testing has yet to be completed) rated at 3.3 to 3.6 seconds for 0-60mph and a top speed of 190-200mph.

Inside, the car is exceptionally roomy for a supercar with a choice of seats upholstered in hand-sewn leather and an adjustable gauge pod. A host of standard equipment includes a Garmin GPS system and iPod docking station. An initial production run of ten vehicles is planned for this year, with the supercar priced at $225,000 a pop.

Source Credits: www.falconf7.com

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