2012 Fisker Karma Range-Extender Doesn't Extend Much

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The Karma pulls less EV mileage than the Volt and the Leaf, according to the EPA.

The Fisker Karma has finally received its EPA ratings and is now ready for sale in the U.S. The highly-rated electric Karma has stirred up a bit of press recently for its performance and high speed, however the EPA's report hasn't been as kind to them as many journalists have been. According to the EPA, the Karma running in pure electric mode only returns 52 MPGe which is decisively less than its electric counterparts. The Nissan Leaf pulls 99 MPGe while the Chevy Volt is measured at 93 MPGe.

The Leaf also gets 73 miles in EV mode while the Volt gets 35 miles, both more than the Karma's 32 miles. Fisker previously claimed 50 miles in electric only, meaning the car falls far short of their expectations. The Volt and Karma also share the hybrid technology of a range-extender, but the post-battery mode milage of the Karma is significantly lower than that of the Volt. GreenCarReports compares the 20 miles to the gallon being the same number measured from the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS 550, suprising for the Karma's smaller turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder motor.

The Fisker Karma is the California-based companies first offering. The Project Nina will come out in the next few years and they are hoping to greatly improve their marks on their next EV-capable automobile.

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