2012 Ford Ranger - A Test Mule That Could be the New Ranger

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Ford hasn't said officially what will replace the Ranger, but for the second time a Ranger test mule has been caught. The first sighting was a 2-door model, and most recent was a 4-door. This could indicate that Ford is planning a new small pickup for 2012. No name yet, but it could be that the Ranger name carries over. The Ranger appears larger than the current one, and sports a four-door crew cab configuration that isn't available currently.

The 2012 will most likely be powered by a new 1.6-liter four-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged EcoBoost engine that'll produce 175 horsepower. It is also worth mentioning that Ford has claimed that they do not intend to bring the global Ranger to the U.S. market once they kill off the U.S. market Ranger next year. Hopefully Ford will reconsider, especially since research shows that many customers start with entry-level vehicles and progress to larger ones from the same automaker.

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