2012 London Olympics Autos


London is getting ready to host the Olympics with BMW and MINI providing some proper transportation.

BMW is going all-out for the 2012 London Olympics. The German automaker has released four special-edition vehicles to celebrate the games in addition to the 4,000 they're already providing as official transportation. Beemer enthusiasts and Brits especially are going to fall bum over noggin for these Olympics-branded BMWs and MINIs. And the latest word is that after the games have finished, BMW will be selling the cars off at a discounted price.

The MINI Baker Street special edition is one of two Olympic MINIs being released before the games begin. The Baker Street edition gets its unique name from the street that Sherlock Holmes lived on. This Olympian MINI features new interior and exterior styling and puts out 122hp.

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The London Performance Edition 1-Series is the first of two special BMWs made to celebrate the games. This special-edition has M-inspired styling, an M Sport leather steering wheel and royal blue stitching on the seats and floor mats. The London Performance Edition 1-Series is also badged with the symbol of the games in case anyone forgets just what your car represents.

The MINI Bayswater special edition was created to celebrate an area of London described as "extremely vibrant." MINI hasn't exactly reinvented the wheel with the Bayswater special edition, but it does get a sleek new interior and exterior styling like the Baker Street before it. The Cooper S Bayswater model can also push 181hp.

BMW's London Performance 3-Series is a lot like its special edition 1-Series. The London Performance 3-Series features an M-inspired body, an M Sport steering wheel and London Olympic badging. The main difference between the two models is their pricing. The London Performance 1-Series sells for $2,400 than a regular 1-Series whereas the London Performance 3-Series has a markup of only $800.