2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS Makes a Good Show


Mercedes-Benz brought out the 2012 CLS at the Paris Motor Show, together with their continued insistence that it is a "four door coupe". This CLS comes with bolder styling, and while this does look very good, one can't help but wonder in the extra long hood and extra short rear end are intended as an optical illusion, used to prop up the cars coupe claim. Coupe or not, this is still an impressive vehicle.

The new CLS is lighter, with a number of body components being replaced with aluminum. Europeans are offered four different engines, but it's expected that the diesels will be dropped for the trip across the pond. This means a choice of either a 306 horsepower V6 or a 402 horsepower V8. A host of goodies have been lifted from the E-Class, and there will be a dizzying catalogue of interior options as well.

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