2012 Peugeot 107 is Still Tops in Urban Driving

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Not wanting to mess too much with success, Peugeot's updated 107 remains a top pick for city driving.

French automaker Peugeot has just released official details and photos of their newly restyled 107 small hatchback. Yes, it's small, but the 107 has been a very popular and successful model for Peugeot, so it was important to make sure it remained fully competitive in its class. The exterior has been enhanced, specifically with the new corporate front-end styling. This features a deeper lower front panel with space for the front fog lights. There's also daytime LED running lights and a redesigned front bumper.

In addition, the interior has received various upgrades including the Peugeot Connect Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Most importantly, as the 107 is meant to be the ideal European city car, Peugeot has managed to reduce C02 emissions and improve fuel economy at 66 mpg. Power comes from a three-cylinder gasoline engine with 68hp and 70lb-ft of torque. It's still available as either a three or five-door. As usual, pricing is extremely reasonable, starting at just £7,995. With over 650,000 107s having been built since 2005, we expect small hatchback cars latest to have even more success.


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