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2012 Porsche Boxster Spied

The most challenging part of being an automotive journalist is finding new ways to call Porsche designers lazy. Spy shots of Porsche's latest "up-yours" to the automotive press have surfaced in the form of the 2012 Boxster and even for insufferable Porsche geeks like myself, it's not immediately obvious what has been changed. It certainly has changed though and the car you're looking at has an all-new chassis.

60mm have been added to the wheelbase, which will translate into an extra inch (!) of interior space. Porsche has managed to trim 15kg from the Boxster's weight as well, even with those fancy new bumpers. There is one area where Porsche actually has made a pretty drastic departure from their usual formula, and that is the engine. The two flat sixes that are currently offered for the Boxster will stay, but word is that there is a turbocharged flat four being developed for both the Boxster and the Cayman. Photos courtesy of carmagazine.co.uk.

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