2012 Rinspeed Dock+Go Concept Revealed; Perplexes the Public

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The 2012 Geneva Motor Show is getting a very strange debutant, complete with a backpack-ish trailer.

I went hiking with some friends awhile back, and my one buddy came along with his girlfriend. He is a little guy, about 5' 8" and weighs like a hundred and nothing. His girlfriend tagged along and forced him to bring about 8 liters of water, because you know, it was "just too hot to be out in the woods without a lot of water." It was pretty funny to say the least, watching this small guy schlep all that water in his backpack a good 3 or 4 miles (during which, of course, she only took a sip or two).

Well, the 2012 Rinspeed Dock+Go concept looks a lot like my friend, a small body carrying a ridiculous bag on its back. Based on a smart fortwo, the small EV city car comes with an attachable rear trailer complete with its own set of wheels and a range-extending combustion engine. The trailer is said to be very useful, as it can be fitted with heated compartments to keep pizzas warm as a delivery-mobile or designed to organize and carry tools as the handy-man's ultimate machine. The rear axle on the trailer also acts as a generator, able to charge to the EV's batteries from the movement of the wheels.

Rinspeed calls their their 2012 Dock+Go concept a "vario-hybrid." It is scheduled to make its debut at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show next March.

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