2012 Volkswagen Beetle To Participate In Quicar

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Car-sharing program, Quicar, will be adding to their list of fleet cars the newly redesigned 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. For those who don't recall, Quicar is a project taking shape in Europe where customers can sign up to, well, share cars. Basically, the system works by customers reserving the cars in advance through the internet, a special app, or a call center roughly five minutes before the car is needed.

The customer would have a chip in their driver's license (or a separate chip card) that unlocks the car and would then enter a PIN number on the car's integrated touch-screen in order to begin driving. Beginning in Hanover, Germany, the program will have some 50 pick-up and drop-off locations all over the city and VW even predicts that 50 more locations could appear in the future. The first 50 cars will be the Golf BlueMotion equipped with a 1.6-liter TDI diesel that returns an average of 61.9 mpg. The Beetle shown in these pictures will be added to the fleet shortly following the launch of the program.

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