2013 BMW 2 Series Coupe Rendered

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BMW will be introducing the second generation 1 Series Coupe as the 2 Series starting in late 2012. The upcoming 2 Series Coupe will incorporate the design features of the recently revealed 1 Series Hatch, which has drawn some mixed reviews. The 2 Series Coupe will have the same headlight design and the bumper will boast a more aggressive appearance and a lower stance. The LED taillights will receive the same L-shape approach design.

BMW figures it will be able to sell the 2 Series at a premium price while maintaining some of the options that are normally featured in the high-end BMW 3 or 5 Series. In the US, there will be both the Coupe and Convertible models. An M2, replacing the 1 Series M Coupe, will also arrive at some point. Engine options for the base cars will include the new four-cylinder turbo along with the higher-end six-cylinder. Rendering courtesy of David Kiss.

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