2013 Ferrari California Lighter, More Powerful and Debuting at Geneva

2012 Geneva Motor Show / 55 Comments

Refreshed California has shed some weight and gained more power, while special handling package comes as a new option.

Production has already commenced of the updated California with first deliveries scheduled for Europe, and with a 30kg drop in weight married to a 30hp boost in power, the mid-cycle refresh is certain to keep its trusted followers content. The hardtop convertible's GDI 4.3-liter V8 now delivers 490hp and 372lb-ft of torque thanks to new exhaust manifolds and an ECU tweak and is housed in a 30kg lighter aluminum-intensive chassis, which performs just as well and is just as structurally rigid as last year's model.

As a consequence of these power enhancements and new chassis, manufactured using "cutting-edge aluminium fabrication techniques and construction technologies used by the Scaglietti Centre of Excellence," performance has improved and its 0-62 mph time has reduced to 3.8 seconds. Also new is an optional 'Handling Speciale' package, which encompasses suspension modifications to minimize body roll and improve responsiveness. The package includes superfast Magnetorheological dampers (also found on the 599 GTB), stiffer springs, a faster turn-in with smaller steering wheel angles and 10 percent quicker steering ratio.

With the 2013 California, customers get a more extensive choice of colors including two-tone finishes as showcased by the Geneva model, and modern reinterpretations of classic color schemes to ensure their already exclusive supercar commands even more respect on the road.

Source Credits: www.autoblog.com

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