2013 Was a Great Year for Diesel Pickups in the US

And the number is expected to rise again this year.

It’s certainly taken some time for US truck buyers to jump on board, but the sales numbers from 2013 clearly indicate that diesel pickups are on the rise. According to the Diesel Technology Forum, the largest growing diesel truck region of the US was the central north. In terms of actual diesel truck owners, the great state of Texas comes out on top. A total of 747,760 diesel truck registrations took place in the Lone Star state in 2013.

In second place came California with a total of 478,847. The top ten list also includes Florida, Washington, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Oregon, North Carolina, Georgia, and Ohio. What’s also interesting is that based on the data, the West, Southwest, and Midwest states are currently seeing the fastest turbo-diesel pickup growth. Even Northeast states, like Vermont and New Hampshire, are experiencing solid diesel truck growth as well.

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