2014 BMW M4 Coupe Rendered

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Road & Track magazine have just created this great rendering of what the upcoming BMW M4 may look like.

Since it's one of the best all-around sport sedans and coupes, it's no wonder that plenty of people are wondering what the upcoming 2014 BMW M3/M4 will look like. Considering the new 2012 3-Series was revealed online in October, we already have a fairly clear idea as to what it'll look like. And now Road & Track magazine has just released this rendering of what they believe the new M4 coupe will look like. Remember, BMW is making a model name change, similar to what Audi did in relation to their A4 sedan and A5 coupe.

Hence the new BMW 4-Series. This picture seems to be fairly accurate the way in which it features the 3-Series's new design coupled with typical M body design add-ons. These include the front bumper, LED headlights, and a wide track. Unlike the current E90/E92 M3, which is powered by a naturally-aspirated V8, the new model will likely have a twin-turbocharged inline-six under the hood. There have even been rumors of a triple-turbo engine, but nothing is official yet. Road & Track has also quoted Albert Biermann, the head of product development for M cars.

He stated that the new M3/M4 will not have torque vectoring. Instead, it'll likely be equipped with an electronically controlled differential that's also used in the new M5.

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