2014 Corvette Hits the Rendered Road

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Jalopnik's rendering serves as the basis for a skeptical look at a terrific new GM design.

Chevrolet is planning on revealing its next generation C7 Corvette during the first quarter of 2013, however Jalopnik's speculative rendering appears to be right on track with the new design. Using rumors and inside information from the American automaker, Jalopnik released a set of renderings late last year taking all the rumors and other things considered in their design. Trinity Animation has now used those renderings, spy shots and the leaked images of the front-tend of the new 'Vette.

The front fascia of the 2014 model were leaked through one of the American automaker's distributers and they have led to an interesting video of what they think the new supercar will look like.

Though they can't stress enough that this is the work of independent artists and isn't produced in conjunction with General Motors, it certainly is an intriguing proposition nonetheless. This isn't the official successor to the C6 Corvette, but it offers a tantalizing look at the next generation's radical new styling language that Chevrolet hopes to be a hit with not only potential customers but fans of the brand world-over.

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Source Credits: jalopnik.com

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