2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Makes Mince Meat of Moose Test

The refreshed model had no trouble staying on all four wheels.

In Scandinavia, there is something known as the Moose Test. Also called the Elk test, it recreates a potential danger common in these parts of the world by performing a sudden left-right turn at around 40 mph simulating a driver’s reaction to suddenly being faced by a 1,000 pound elk that often wander into country roads. Some of you may recall the controversy that surrounded the Jeep Grand Cherokee when it failed the test miserably back in 2012.

Swedish publication Teknikens Varld claimed the SUV nearly tipped over, and popped the left front tire seven times in a row. Chrysler wasn’t happy, claiming it had satisfactorily passed the same test. So how does the Jeep fare in 2014? As it turns out, a whole lot better.

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