2014 Jeep Sales Are a Sign From Above For Fiat Chrysler

The sales numbers don't lie.

As 2014 comes to a close, auto industry analysts are tallying up the sales numbers to see which brand(s) are performing best. Considering just how close both GM and Chrysler were to the brink only a few years ago, it’s incredible just how well both are now doing in the US and abroad. And a report coming from Automotive News has some even better news: eleven months into 2014, automakers have sold roughly 780,000 more cars in the US than at this time last year. And one out of every four of them has been a Jeep.

In fact, Jeep’s 2014 sales have Fiat Chrysler growing at four times the pace of the rest of the industry. Last month, for example, Fiat Chrysler posted a bigger volume increase than all other automakers combined. Overall, Fiat Chrysler sales are up by 16 percent this year while the rest of the industry – not including FCA – has increased by 4 percent in 2014. And FCA has Jeep to thank for this. Jeep sales alone are up by 44 percent this year. Altogether, Jeep accounts for almost 75 percent of FCA’s year-to-date sales gain. Combined with end of the year deals and 15 percent of US gas stations charging less than $2.50 per gallon, demand for Jeeps will likely continue to grow.

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