2014 Mazda6 Striptease Continues


This all-new mid-size sedan is packed so full of high-tech goodies that it may put its competitors to shame.

Mazda has a lot riding on its upcoming mid-size sedan, and over the past couple of weeks the Japanese automaker has been releasing a series of teaser images of the redesigned model. Those images, however, were quite dull and revealed nearly nothing. Today is a slightly different story as the automaker has released more detailed photos, announcing in the process that the new Mazda6 will make its official debut at the 2012 Moscow Auto Show next month.

Yes, we also think this is an unusual choice of venue to debut such a vital model, but the new Mazda6 will also be on full display at the Paris Motor Show in late September. So why exactly is the new Mazda6 important? For starters, it'll be the first sedan to feature the company's latest design language, called Koda. The new CX-5 crossover was the first model to have this styling and so far it's a solid improvement over the previous Nagare smiling-cat-face styling. But perhaps the biggest news is the switch the new sedan will be making from its current V6 to a 2.0-liter SkyActiv gasoline four-pot.

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With a new six-speed automatic transmission, the Mazda6 will also feature the Zoom-Zoom brand's all-new regenerative braking system, called i-ELOOP (Intelligent Energy Loop), which will reportedly improve fuel economy by "up to 10 percent". These photos also clearly show that the production Mazda6 will closely resemble the Takeri concept that was displayed at Tokyo last year. For now we'll have to wait just a few more weeks until official photos and details are revealed. Judging by the sheer amount of technology that'll be packed into the new Mazda6, it has the potential to be a mid-size sedan industry game-changer.

In addition to the teaser images, we've also included four pictures of the Takeri concept just so that you can see how closely the production Mazda6 will resemble it. Could the 2014 Mazda6 end up being the best-looking mid-size sedan on the market?