2014 SRT Viper Gets a Bump In Price

But even with a small price bump, the Viper is still a lot of power for the money.

The slow uptick of prices on cars that have been around for several generations is basically inevitable. Indeed, when the Viper first debuted in 1992, it had a sticker price of $50,000. Today it has more than doubled, and while inflation can take a lot of credit for this, we should remember that the Viper has also become a more sophisticated vehicle, and sophistication is always going to cost. The 2014 Viper is getting a $2,000 increase over the current price, bringing it to $103,990.

The big advantage from the Viper is that SRT won’t be trying to bleed you dry with an options list, the way certain German companies (ok, every German company) so often do. Also, for the more hardcore aspiring Viper owners, the good news is that Viper GTS price won’t be getting a similar bump, and still sits at $124,990. Pricing of any kind for the Viper TA has yet to be announced, but we are confident that the track-focused version of the car is likely to slot in above the GTS. Of course, much of this price will be related to exclusivity, as just 33 of them will be built.

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