2014 Super Bowl Car Commercial Round Up

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The game may have lacked drama, but the car commercials were full of it.

The Seattle Seahawks were the clear winners on Sunday night as they demolished the Denver Broncos 43-8. But who came out on top of the big-budget Super Bowl ads? Many aired well in advance of the NFL's premiere event, including Kia's take on The Matrix for the K900, Audi's A3 Sedan spot, and something a little peculiar for the Silverado. Here is a selection of the rest of the car commercials that cost up to $4 million for a thirty-second slot. Money well spent or pissed down the drain?

The all-new Chrysler 200 was the star of FCA's third-quarter ad, with singer-songwriter Bob Dylan providing the voiceover for another heart-tugging speech about mighty Merica. As well as providing plenty of patriotism, the commercial introduced the brand's new tagline – American Import.

Maserati was given FCA's first spot during Sunday's game, the 90-second ad airing during the first quarter introducing the Ghibli to the American audience. Dubbed "Strike," the ad was completely unexpected – something that is at the heart of its storyline.

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Jaguar's first ever Super Bowl ad needed to have an impact so the British carmaker called on its celebrity compatriots Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston to deliver the message. Playing British villains, the tag line "it's good to be bad" should stick in prospective buyers' heads when mulling over the F-Type Coupe.

Starring Terry Crews (of NFL and Old Spice fame) and some stranded Muppets, Toyota's ad for the 2014 Highlander is a mini-musical that's equal parts cringeworthy and wholesome. A bizarre way to tempt buyers into looking at the midsize SUV; perhaps Kermit & Co. are delivering a subliminal message.

Volkswagen wanted to get the "power of German engineering" message across this year, and the concept used was a strong one. VW claims it has more cars on the road with over 100,000 miles than any other carmaker and uses heavenly visuals to make sure you don't forget it.

Honda focused on safety this year, employing the manly services of Bruce Willis to simply stand, ask viewers to hug their friends and family, and receive a hug from comic actor Fred Armisen. Who knew Honda had more top safety rated vehicles in the US than anyone else? Exactly, not many of you. But thanks to Bruce, now you do.

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