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2014 Toyota Corolla Yours for $16,800, Now Do you Care?

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Pricing details for world’s most popular car announced: get ready to see lots more Corollas on the road.

Each year Toyota sells around one million Corollas. It's the top-selling car in the world and the fresh-faced 11th-gen model, while not overly exciting, certainly has what it takes to maintain the Japanese carmaker's dominance in the econo-box market. If you're one of the many car buyers out there on a budget then the $16,800 base price for the new Corolla should be of interest. That's only a $570 increase over last year's model, with the Corolla L coming with a six-speed manual , LED headlights and DRLs, and eight airbags.

The 4-speed auto is priced at $17,400, while other trims include the LE, at $18,300, which adds keyless entry, backup monitor, 6.1-inch touchscreen Entune Audio system, and CVT transmission, and the LE Eco, capable of 42 mpg on the highway priced from $18,700. The range-topping Corolla S is a cool $19,000, featuring custom bodywork, paddle shifters, sports seats, leather steering wheel, and optional 17-inch alloys complete with a unique suspension setup.

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